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If you want a look of understated elegance, then you have a good choice in shoes which are not shiny or non-metallic. Often, they are also darker in shade. They’re meant for occasions when you don’t feel like wearing something too flashy or silvery on the feet. More popularly known as pewter shoes, this footwear can be less eye-catching but they’re just as flattering.

pewter shoes

Some useful information about pewter shoes

Let’s shift our attention now to a variety of fabulous choices which fall under the category of dress shoes. For one thing, you could start out with pewter flats. This particular style is a best seller because many people buy flats for comfort. It’s designed for those who do a lot of walking or moving around. With just the right stride, you can carry off a walk that’s smart and chic!


Sometimes however, absolute flats can be tiring on the arch of the feet. Wearing flats too much and too often could make your feet feel weary. To avoid this kind of soreness, you can turn to pewter midsoles and low-heeled shoes. You won’t have a problem walking on these heels, so it’s quite easy for you just to be yourself!


But, then again, there are occasions when you’d really like to dress up. You’d want to try the latest in what’s current and fashionable. If you’re after a look that’s hot and trendy, then you can’t go wrong with pewter dress sandals. For instance, these shoes can be oh so feminine in all their ‘strappy’ goodness. They can also look smart yet Spartan such as in those gladiator shoes of late.


If you want to move up a level to a degree of formality, then you’ve got to give in to the choice of wearing more formal high heels. They never fail to look smart, confident and sexy. There are certain instances when black pumps just won’t do, and that’s when your next best recourse would be to wear pewter pumps.


To finnish off about pewter shoes

Aside from pampering your feet with the latest in pewter shoes, here’s another secret. Accessorize and accentuate in all the right places. To further evoke that understated elegance, wear the kind of jewellery that matches your shoes. Head to toe, you would present a picture that’s both fashionable and sophisticated.